Ericsson, Cisco ink IP networks deal with C&W

Ericsson and Cisco have announced an agreement to supply and install IP networks for C&W Communications.

C&W Communications operating the retail brand Flow, will deploy the IP/MPLS network over three Caribbean markets namely, Bahamas, Jamaica and Barbados to offer a base to its IPTV services, fixed operations and part of business-to-business services.

“We needed an intelligent solution to bring IP networking to both Jamaica and Barbados, while at the same time improving the IP network in the Bahamas,” said Carlo Alloni, CTIO at C&W.

The move is intended to enhance the performance and support an increase of traffic, with Jamaica and Barbados region deploying the IP/MPLS network for the first time.

The partnership is part of the investment plan by C&W for the region to enhance customer experience. Cisco will provide the necessary hardware and Ericsson will offer project management services.

“Our teams complemented each other with the right approach, from network analysis and planning to systems integration and customer support from Ericsson, to selecting the right routers and switches from Cisco, and finally ensuring the right flow along every step with Ericsson services,” said Clayton Cruz, vice president Ericsson Latin America and Caribbean.

The deal will implement Cisco routers and switches (ASR9000, ASR900 and WR4500 families), supply and installation of NMS system (EPN-M), overall project management, and customer support.

Ericsson and Cisco in November 2015 announced a new partnership that has led to a combined offering of routing, data center, networking, cloud, mobility, management and control, and global services capabilities, in a single package.

The next-generation strategic partnership claims to provide growth, innovation, and fast digital transformation, fulfilling customer demand across industries.

With over 200 active customer engagements and deals in IP (routing and transport) and services with the likes of 3 Italy, Vodafone Portugal and Aster Dominican Republic, the first product from the partnership was the Ericsson Dynamic Service Manager launched in February 2016.

The Cisco-Ericsson partnership has been cleared by Brazilian regulatory authorities and will be implemented there under local agreements.

Also, Cisco recently announced that it would collaborate with Ericsson and Intel to develop the first 5G router, with all three companies being members of a Verizon-led initiative to develop and test 5G wireless technologies.

Cisco and Ericsson both have seen a downfall in sales related to the core hardware products, and are trying to improve on the core hardware domain with new launches. Ericsson saw 11 percent fall to 54.1 billion kronor ($6.3 billion) in second-quarter sales and will also cut research and development spending and jobs, while Cisco will cut jobs as its revenue fell to $12.64bn from $12.84bn in the quarter to 30 July.

Also, Cisco, with a revenue of $12.64 billion in the last quarter, is investing $150 million into IoT startups and plans further investments in new products such as data analytics software and cloud-based tools for data centres.

C&W Communications reported earlier this month that its mobile business has grown by 148,000 subscribers, or 4 percent, to a total subscriber base of 3.7 million in the first quarter of its business year, starting in April.

Vina Krishnan
[email protected]