Ericsson Cloud to connect OTT services

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Telecom network maker Ericsson has introduced OTT Cloud Connect (OCC) for telecoms to connect multiple OTT players to deliver services to users — at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

Ericsson OCC service will bridge the gap between operator networks and OTT services by exposing the OSS and BSS capabilities of operators to OTT players and vice versa.

The OCC platform allows any OTT player to deliver innovative features to users based on integration with specific operator network capabilities.

Ericsson has tied up Google as one of the first partners to get on-boarded on the OCC platform. This integration enables Google to bring innovative features and services to products such as YouTube and reach large numbers of users by leveraging the scale that OCC provides.

Ericsson will bring additional OTT players onto the OCC platform.

Jay Akkad, senior product manager on the YouTube Emerging Markets team said: “Ericsson’s OTT Cloud Connect forges collaboration between operators and OTT providers to break down some of this complexity and open the door to a world of opportunity for enhancing services.”

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