Ericsson in pact with Intel Security for managed security to enterprises

Telecom network vendor Ericsson announced its partnership with Intel Security to support mobile operators to offer managed security solutions to enterprises.

Initially, intrusion prevention system services, e-mail security and web security solutions will be available, said Ericsson.

The association between Ericsson and Intel Security will enable telecom operator’s enterprise clients to protect intellectual property, data, devices, and identities.


Chris Young, senior vice president and GM of Intel Security, said: “Telecommunications networks are a critical component of the economic and social infrastructures that we rely upon. Together, Intel Security and Ericsson are working to keep the well over three billion people across the globe that use these systems safe and secure.”

Ericsson claims that it uses its global managed services expertise in market segments other than telecommunications and IT is one of the company’s focus areas.

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