Ericsson India revenue drops 20% in 2016

Ericsson India revenue in Q4 and 2016Telecom equipment and software firm Ericsson India has reported revenue of SEK 10.7 billion or $1.21 billion in 2016 – registering 20 percent drop.

Ericsson India’s revenue in Q4 2016 fell 4 percent to SEK 3 billion or $338 million. Ericsson India generated SEK 1.9 billion from networks business, SEK 1 billion from global services and SEK 0.1 billion from support solutions in Q4 2016.

Ericsson India said the pace of 4G deployments increased with a positive impact on mobile broadband sales in the quarter following the completed spectrum auctions in October.

Ericsson India’s mobile broadband sales declined mainly driven by delayed spectrum auctions which delayed operator investments in mobile networks. Ericsson India said it professional services sales remained stable with telecom operators’ higher focus on network quality and cost optimization.

India contributes 5 percent of total revenue to Ericsson. India is the third largest telecom market for Ericsson – after the U.S. and China. Italy and Japan are the other two telecom markets for Ericsson.