Ericsson Introduces Advanced Troubleshooting with Machine Learning and AI in Ericsson Expert Analytics

Ericsson has announced a significant extension to its Ericsson Expert Analytics product, introducing advanced troubleshooting capabilities.
Ericsson LTE network supplier
This expansion leverages machine learning and AI tools to conduct real-time analysis of telecoms network data, enabling rapid identification of root causes for efficient troubleshooting.

The latest functionality in Ericsson Expert Analytics is designed to provide network and subscriber-centric analytics, supporting communication service providers (CSPs) in closely monitoring and enhancing service experiences across their networks.

By starting with an in-depth analysis of service experiences at the individual subscriber level, the product’s embedded intelligence initiates dynamically generated workflows, collecting specific and relevant data necessary to pinpoint the root cause of any issues and ensure optimal service experiences.

Ericsson’s extended Expert Analytics utilizes innovative data acquisition techniques to reduce the volume and frequency of data required for analysis. It efficiently retrieves necessary event data from network functions using software probes embedded in Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core and additional information from Virtual Test Access Point (vTAP) data collection. This real-time data is then made readily available to CSPs for swift action and issue resolution.

Mats Karlsson, Vice President and Head of Solution Area Business and Operations Support Systems at Ericsson, highlighted the importance of automation and data-driven networks in harnessing 5G’s transformative potential. He emphasized that the enhanced Ericsson Expert Analytics takes troubleshooting to the next level by automating incident generation and employing ML-based anomaly detection for actionable insights, resulting in faster, more accurate, and efficient resolution of network events.

Chris Tsigros, General Manager of Cloud Infrastructure and Network Services at TPG Telecom Australia, praised Ericsson Expert Analytics for providing actionable behavioral insights, predicting, prioritizing, and resolving customer-impacting events. He foresees it meeting their customer needs and becoming a strong foundation for future network enhancements.

Telecoms industry analyst and strategic advisor, Chris Lewis, commended Ericsson’s integrated advanced troubleshooting approach. He highlighted the product’s ability to provide real-time experience insights at the subscriber level using event data intelligently, thereby enabling efficient end-to-end troubleshooting and a significant reduction in total cost of ownership.

The extension of Ericsson Expert Analytics adds Advanced troubleshooting capabilities to the existing suite, which includes Subscriber Insights, Expert Insights, and Automated Insights applications. This latest version now delivers real-time experience insights at the subscriber level using event data, facilitating efficient data handling and substantial cost reduction.

The exponential growth in data volumes and variety, driven by expanding 5G networks, necessitates efficient and cost-effective data capture and analysis. Ericsson Expert Analytics equips CSPs with the essential tools to manage this complexity and effectively address issues at a subscriber level as they arise.