Ericsson Introduces Explainable AI to Enhance Cognitive Software for CSPs

Ericsson, a leader in telecommunications technology and services, has unveiled capabilities leveraging Explainable AI (XAI) within its Cognitive Software portfolio aimed at empowering communications service providers (CSPs) to enhance AI adoption in network design and optimization, significantly improving time-to-value.
Ericsson Cognitive Software portfolioWith the integration of XAI, CSPs will gain comprehensive visibility into the actions recommended by AI-powered solutions, allowing for better understanding of the root causes of network performance issues and end-user experiences. This transparency enables optimization teams to identify factors contributing to the problem, assess their impact on network performance, and receive recommendations for actions.

The solutions are built upon AI models trained on extensive global datasets, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Moreover, these models can be retrained locally, offering CSPs flexibility in deploying use cases rapidly to meet evolving network demands.

In addition to XAI capabilities, Ericsson is introducing an intuitive and adaptable user interface to enhance productivity for CSPs.

Jean-Paul Arzel, Executive Vice President and CTIO of Bouygues Telecom, praised Ericsson’s efforts in accelerating operators’ AI journey, citing promising results achieved in network optimization. Jean-Paul Arzel highlighted the reduction of congestion, increased capacity, and improved spectral efficiency as notable outcomes of the collaboration with Ericsson.

Perihane Elhamy Ahmed Metaweh, Chief Technology Officer of Robi Axiata, emphasized the significance of AI-driven network optimization in enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. Metaweh expressed confidence in Ericsson’s Cognitive Software evolution to further elevate performance.

Adaora Okeleke, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason, acknowledged Ericsson’s focus on addressing CSPs’ concerns regarding AI adoption, particularly the lack of transparency and scalability. Okeleke emphasized the importance of solutions that foster trust and flexibility in driving AI adoption among CSPs.

Jean-Christophe Laneri, Vice President & Head of Cognitive Network Solutions at Ericsson, highlighted the importance of Explainable AI in facilitating transparent decision-making processes. Jean-Christophe Laneri underscored Ericsson’s commitment to providing agile and efficient AI-powered solutions to CSPs.

Ericsson’s Cognitive Software architecture, being cloud-native and modular, offers container-based automated deployments, ensuring a secure environment with timely updates. This scalability and flexibility enable seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines, promoting continuous integration and deployment and fostering DevOps practices.

The introduction of Explainable AI within Ericsson’s Cognitive Software portfolio marks a significant advancement in empowering CSPs to harness the full potential of AI for network optimization, ultimately enhancing the quality of service for end-users.