Ericsson intros latest antenna-integrated radio (AIR) solutions

Ericsson today said its latest antenna-integrated radio (AIR) solutions assist mobile operators to deploy mid-band 5G networks faster and on a wider scale without adding to their site footprint.
Ericsson Radio System portfolioHybrid AIR and Interleaved AIR, the latest additions to the Ericsson Radio System portfolio, will enable communications service providers to manage the complexity of macro sites and towers while reducing site footprint and optimization costs.

No extra physical space is needed at existing sites. When deployed with Massive MIMO, communications service providers can deploy mid-band 5G with the new solutions faster and on a larger scale.

“Communications service providers globally often have limited possibilities to increase the space occupied by network equipment. They need solutions that fit in existing sites and still provide great performance,” Per Narvinger, head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson, said in a statement.

With Kathrein Mobile Communication antenna technology, Hybrid AIR and Interleaved AIR can introduce 5G mid-band to existing sites by combining antenna-integrated radios and multiband passive antenna technology in one enclosure.

A simulated calculation by Ericsson experts showed that the upgrade to Hybrid AIR or Interleaved AIR with Massive MIMO can result in up to seven times greater mobile broadband capacity than currently available from existing multiband antennas.

Ericsson said the capacity gains come from improved Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) spectral efficiencies, new FDD bands and added Massive MIMO mid-bands. The new AIR solutions also boost 4G capacity.

Swisscom and Vodafone Group have worked with the company on the solutions.

Daniel Staub, head of Mobile at Swisscom, says: “We rolled out 5G technology nationwide as the first provider in Europe. We reached 90 per cent population coverage at the end of 2019 already.”

Francisco Martin, head of Radio Products, Vodafone Group, says: “Ericsson and Vodafone have jointly designed the Interleaved AIR antenna platform, a key enabler for mid band 5G roll-outs as it supports legacy bands plus the new 5G active antennas. This compact product saves space and simplifies the infrastructure needed at mobile sites, reducing total cost of ownership.”