Ericsson Launches Federal Technologies Group to Add More Revenue from U.S. Government

In a strategic move, Ericsson has announced the establishment of Ericsson Federal Technologies Group (EFTG) today, signaling a dedicated effort to spearhead 5G-driven digital transformation across various agencies within the U.S. federal government.
Yossi Cohen, President and Head of Ericsson North AmericaThe U.S. Government has outlined plans for digital transformation, aiming to expedite innovation through the integration of technologies. As a frontrunner in the 5G market, Ericsson acknowledges the significance of ongoing customer commitment, investment in technologies to enhance services, and the imperative of upholding national security standards.

Yossi Cohen, President and Head of Ericsson North America, emphasized the pivotal role of secure and resilient 5G infrastructure in connecting individuals, businesses, and safeguarding national security.

Yossi Cohen expressed enthusiasm about building upon existing collaborations with the US government, particularly within the Department of Defense (DoD), where Ericsson has laid the groundwork for numerous 5G prototype deployments, while also extending its reach to other government agencies.

Christopher Ling, an industry veteran with extensive experience in advancing federal and commercial businesses in advanced technology and cybersecurity, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Ericsson Federal Technologies Group.

Christopher Ling, who previously served at Booz Allen Hamilton in various leadership capacities, including as Executive Vice President and Group Lead of the National Security Business in the U.S., highlighted Ericsson’s long-standing commitment to connectivity and security.

Ericsson is well-equipped to meet USG requirements for 5G networks, including the support for Open RAN-ready technologies and equipment manufactured in the USA from its Texas-based USA 5G Smart Factory.

Ericsson Federal Technologies Group has a dedicated team leveraging Ericsson’s leading technology portfolio and investments to address the US Government’s most intricate communication challenges, such as ensuring connectivity and interoperability across multi-domain operations.

Ericsson Federal Technologies Group offers advisory services to existing customers and US Government entities, assisting in the design of robust, secure, and integrated networking solutions tailored to meet the demands of various use cases.

Additionally, Ericsson will collaborate with leading systems integrators, current clients, and USG entities to identify essential requirements, foster innovation, and drive global standardization efforts critical to the evolution toward 6G.

Ericsson’s strategic partnerships with the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Wireless Research Facility and the CTIA Cybersecurity Lab underscore its commitment to future innovation, scalability, and seamless integration with top-tier cybersecurity protocols, ensuring the highest levels of data protection across the entire enterprise.