Ericsson showcases connected bus stop concept

Telecom network supplier Ericsson today said it is showcasing a connected bus stop concept that incorporates 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi small cell technology at an event.

Being demonstrated at the UITP World Congress and Exhibition, a public transport event, connected bus stop’s small cell infrastructure will provide additional source of revenue to public transport operators by leasing the facility to telecom mobile operators for densifying their networks.

The connected bus stop project will have screens to display real-time information about bus movements and touch-screens to provide access to interactive maps, local news, tourist information and advertising.

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Public transport operators can incorporate a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera, panic button and push-to-talk functionality to enhance security for commuters to contact emergency services or the police.

The connected bus stop – an application of the Small Cell as a Service offering Ericsson launched in 2014 – alleviates capacity related limitation by creating a separate small cell access network that can be integrated with telecom operators’ transmission networks.

Ericsson provides the technology and associated services in a partnership with transport operators and local telecom network operators.

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