Ericsson to strengthen SSR 8000 platform

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Ericsson is set to strengthen its SSR 8000 family platform.

As part of upgrading the SSR 8000 family platform, Ericsson will add Service-Aware Support Node (SASN), which provides policy control solutions to ensure better quality experience for users, and Wi-Fi Gateway that integrates Wi-Fi and mobile-broadband networks for a seamless user experience when switching between access types

The two new applications will be commercially available during the second half of 2013.

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Telecom operators will benefit as the addition of new applications to the Ericsson SSR 8000 family platform saves both Capex and Opex, Ericsson said in a statement.

Ericsson Service-Aware Support Node, a component in the company’s policy control solution Service-Aware Charging and Control, can be used to categorize different types of traffic to ensure better user experience while optimizing the use of network resources.

Ericsson’s Wi-Fi Gateway will support network-controlled, clientless solution for dynamic traffic steering between cellular and Wi-Fi. This capability is critical to providing superior performance and a seamless mobile-broadband user experience across Wi-Fi and licensed bands while optimizing heterogeneous-network resources.

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