Ericsson to support Solar Team Eindhoven to boost Connected Traffic Cloud

Ericsson has joined hands with Solar Team Eindhoven to contribute an application based on the Connected Traffic Cloud to support the race of solar-powered vehicles.

The telecom network vendor launched the Connected Traffic Cloud at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona. Connected Traffic Cloud platform enables two-way sharing of data between connected vehicles and road traffic authorities.

Solar Team Eindhoven, a team of 21 students from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, won the Cruiser Class of the World Solar Challenge in 2013 – a 3,000 km race from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. The team aims to retain its title in the second running this year.


Solar Team Eindhoven will build a solar-powered, four-seat family car capable of traveling 3,000 km while only once recharging its battery from the grid.

For the purposes of the World Solar Challenge, Connected Traffic Cloud will be used to provide a competitive advantage for Solar Team Eindhoven by aggregating car, traffic and weather data. By minimizing braking and acceleration, Connected Traffic Cloud will help to conserve energy and increase Solar Team Eindhoven’s chances of success.

Orvar Hurtig, head of Industry & Society at Ericsson, said: “Partnering with Solar Team Eindhoven gives Ericsson a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential of Connected Traffic Cloud and our transport portfolio in general.”

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