Ericsson to unveil the future of telecom world at Mobile World Congress 2012

By Telecom Lead Team: Ericsson will launch new products and
services in the areas of mobile broadband, OSS/BSS and managed services.

This year’s highlights include:

Ericsson powers LTE Eco system

Ericsson will demonstrate the latest developments in LTE

It has partnered with Qualcomm, LG, Sony, Renesas, Nvidia
and ST- Ericsson to provide coverage for devices and chipsets built by these
companies’ chipsets to fuel the LTE eco system


Ericsson is doing this as part of our strategy to
strengthening the build up of the LTE eco system and in particular powering the
take of LTE based smartphones. More than 30 LTE LTE eco system products are
part of Ericsson LTE demonstration at MWC.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE GSMA IR.92) and video calling over LTE
(GSMA IR.94) will be demonstrated on Samsung and LG devices. A live
demonstration of the world’s first LTE to WCDMA voice handover (SRVCC, Single
Radio Voice Call Continuity) will be shown in collaboration with Qualcomm.
Circuit switched fallback (CSFB) voice services will be demonstrated on LG LTE


Ericsson showcases services that will help telecom operators
to modernize transform and roll out new technology and services while ensuring
quality of service for the consumers. Ericsson will unveil co- operation with
car manufacturer Volvo on enabling electrical cars to be charged and billed to
your account from anywhere.

A live feed from the stand to one of Ericsson’s Global
Network Operation Centers displays the global skill and scale in Ericsson’s
service delivery operations. Scale of the 56,000 services professionals
Ericsson has proven skills in delivering services remotely from its four Global
Service Centers, using standardized processes, methods and tools.

HD Video Conferencing

Ericsson together with telecommunications operators,
Deutsche Telekom AG, Orange, Telecom Italia and Telefónica and equipment
vendors Italtel, Polycom and Quanta Computer, among others, will bring a
demonstration of the new interoperable HD videoconference capabilities.

The services shown will be based on 3GPP IMS and uses GSMA
IPX to interconnect enabling point-to-point as well as multi-party HD video
conferences, regardless of video user equipment, access network or country of
origin and destination with a customer experience as easy as a phone call.


Ericsson will be showcasing its recently announced
m-commerce portfolio, designed to provide the world’s leading consumers brands
with the infrastructure and solutions needed to create and connect m-wallets
across a global m- commerce eco-system.

Ericsson Picture today, Inspire tomorrow initiative

Ericsson is the founding partner of Picture today inspire
tomorrow, a photography project, getting millions of people around the world to
share and reflect on their own lives and learn from the lives of others.

On May 15, 2012, people all over the world — amateur and
professional photographers, photojournalists, artists, media groups, NGOs,
educational institutions, social networks; anyone interested-will be invited to
take photographs to illustrate the energy of one single day. The resulting
gigantic photo collection will be given direction, structure and context,
making it a relevant portrait of today, for tomorrow.

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