Ericsson unveils SON Optimization Manager

By TelecomLead Team:The rapid adoption of smartphones, combined with the
revolutionary change in information access on mobile, has increased the
complexity of mobile networks. While being able to handle this complex
scenario, operators are also expected to meet the changing demands from

To help operators meet this challenge, Ericsson announced it
is launching SON Optimization Manager, a self-organizing networks (SON) product
that automates the process of optimizing the capacity, coverage and quality of
mobile networks.

Offering fewer dropped calls and better internet browsing
experience, the SON Optimization Manager helps operators get most out of their
existing network. It helps them reduce operating expenses as well as increase traffic
and revenue from their existing networks.

SON Optimization Manager is based on a simple idea –
increasing automation to overcome increasing complexity,” said Ulf Ewaldsson, senior
vice president, chief technology officer, head of Group Function Technology
& Portfolio Management at Ericsson. “We
call this Smart Simplicity, because it simplifies operators’ processes and makes
them more efficient.”

LTE standardization introduced a range of network
optimization and management features that Ericsson is now making available for
automating multi-standard networks, bringing the latest self-organizing
management features to existing operator networks.

This solution helps extend SON functionality to existing
networks, regardless of how many vendors or standards are involved. Optimizing
the use of existing network assets is a key component of any heterogeneous
(hetnet) network strategy, so SON Optimization Manager is a good fit for
operators that are looking to build future-proof networks.

 SON Optimization
Manager is part of Ericsson’s Smart Simplicity concept, which focuses on
increasing automation in today’s increasingly complex networks in order to
reduce operating expenses and deliver a better Mobile Broadband experience.

introduces pico base station with integrated Wi-Fi access to its hetnet

At the Mobile World Congress Ericsson has
introduced its small-cell products, including a pico radio base station with
integrated Wi-Fi.

The company said that it is now feasible to easily add small
cells to the network in the form of Ericsson’s new small RBS products, using
both 3GPP-licensed spectrum and unlicensed spectrum such as Wi-Fi, both of
which can be transported over the same backhaul.

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