Ericsson’s SON Policy Manager to assist telecom operators to simplify networks

Telecom Lead Europe: Ericsson says its SON (self-organizing networks) Policy Manager will assist mobile operators to simplify the setup and running of their networks.

Telecom operators will benefit as the new product enables them to centrally set and control policies and rules to govern self-organizing networks.

During Mobile World Congress 2012, Ericsson launched SON Optimization Manager, which enables operators to automatically optimize the performance of their mobile networks.

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The introduction of SON Policy Manager is part of Ericsson’s integrated approach to automating network management, reducing opex and improving the mobile broadband experience.

SON features help configure and monitor networks automatically as a key operational strategy in both improving efficiency and delivering better network performance.

The benefits of this approach will only grow as operators add small cells in volume to create heterogeneous networks.

Martin Sjöstrand, head of Product Line OSS, Ericsson says its SON Policy Manager lets operators take charge of their increasingly complex, automated networks in an efficient and profitable way.

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