Fibertech Networks selects Ciena to offer mobile backhaul network

Ciena announced its partnership with Fibertech Networks, a provider of
metro-based fiber optic network services to customers in the eastern and
central United States, to build mobile backhaul network for a wireless service
provider in Connecticut.

The deployment will connect 250 cell towers across the state and support
the carrier’s efforts to meet business and residential customer demand for
high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming, music downloading, mobile
TV, and more, to mobile devices.

“Fibertech’s mobile backhaul network will be state-of-the-art,
future-proof and cost effective thanks to our Carrier Ethernet solutions, which
minimize the difficulty associated with network transition and expansion. Our
packet transport and switching portfolio is well-suited to meet the demands of
mobile backhaul combining high switching capacity and high-speed connectivity
options with low-latency, end-to-end visibility and high integrity, essential
to creating robust next-generation wireless backhaul networks,” Mike Nielsen,
vice president of Products and Technology, Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery at

Currently in the deployment phase, Ciena’s 5410 and 5150 Service Aggregation Switches, and 3930 Service Delivery Switches
will enable Fibertech to deliver a simplified, automated backhaul network that
is also scalable, reliable and future-proofed to meet demand for data services
with maximum performance.

Ciena’s Ethernet Service Manager (ESM), a solution for automated service
creation, activation and management, will allow Fibertech to quickly turn up
Carrier Ethernet services to meet customer demands and SLA requirements.

Embedded RFC 2544 testing capabilities in the 3930 Service Delivery
Switches will ensure that Fibertech field technicians and installers can
immediately capture test results and demonstrate that Ethernet backhaul
services are meeting the SLA requirements of the wireless service provider,

Ciena is also providing Fibertech with ongoing consultation, maintenance
and support for this deployment via Ciena Specialist Services.

“Fibertech has extensive experience in fiber backhaul connectivity and
was one of the first fiber providers to work closely with wireless carriers to
connect towers and Mobile Switching Centers with fiber. With more than 10,000
fiber miles contracted by wireless carriers, we offer a vast array of light and
dark connectivity options tailored to address the diverse requirements of our
customers,” said Earl Ipsaro, vice president of Engineering at

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