Flash Networks to support Nokia with monetization solution

Flash Networks announced its agreement with Nokia networks to supply Layer8, a monetization solution, to mobile carriers worldwide.

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Flash Networks said seven Tier-1 mobile operators across the globe have selected Layer8 and are providing the solution to 50 million users. The number of Layer8 subscribers is expected to grow to 200 million in 2015.

“When operators become a key part of the value chain for advertisements, it changes the foundation of how we as the telecommunications industry earn money and grow our business,” said Thorsten Robrecht, vice president, Partner Business Unit at Nokia Networks.

Layer8, a cloud-based solution, unveils relevant content and operator-owned advertising when subscribers click on a “page curl”. The web pages that open show potential offers that earn mobile operators significant revenue. Being cloud-based, the solution runs on any mobile device across operating systems.

Flash–Nokia will provide technology and manage the lifecycle of Layer8, including the creation of a complete ecosystem. The ecosystem, which already includes over 200 partners, will enable operators to offer options such as local content recommendation, coupons, price comparisons and app recommendations.

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