Flexpoint Advances Wireless Technology for Sensors


Flexpoint Sensor Systems
announced that it is working with a leading producer of wireless technology to
develop wireless capability for its sensors.


There is an increasing need for monitoring
of occupancy in everything from theaters to public transportation, and this
technology, coupled with our occupant sensing capability, will open many
additional avenues for the sale of sensors
  and related systems.


We are excited about the potential for
this application. I believe that the applications of sensors with wireless
capability are almost limitless. We have received inquiries on this technology
for applications as diverse as monitoring taxi cabs, buses, trains and movie
theaters,” said Clark Mower, president, Flexpoint.


“What adds to the excitement is that
the inquiries have come from numerous sources and locations as diverse as
Europe and South America, as well as several companies in the US. After final
testing and integration, we anticipate beginning production and marketing of
the system during late 2012. I believe that the size of this market could be in
the millions of dollars in the next few years,” Mower added.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]