Flightcom unveils wireless aircraft ground support systems for military


Flightcom announced the launch of wireless aviation
headset systems specifically designed to meet crew communication requirements
for military aircraft marshalling, de-icing, maintenance and loadmaster


Military ground support operations demand systems that
provide the highest reliability and durability,” said Reed Stager, executive
vice president, Flightcom.


The company provides these new wireless team
communication systems for military aircraft ground operations to increase crew
effectiveness, productivity and safety. Its new
wireless solutions deliver longer range, higher performance and a warranty that
is three times longer than competitive offerings.


The hands-free wireless aircraft marshalling system
continuously connects all members of the marshalling crew with full-duplex
communication up to a 1600-foot range, ensuring high team effectiveness and


Completely cordless and hands-free operation leaves
marshallers free to signal aircraft movements via traditional hand/arm
movements while maximizing personal safety around moving aircraft with instant
communication, including real-time verbal warnings.


Optionally, crew members can also seamlessly communicate
through their wireless headsets with pilots or controllers via portable radios
or the mobile radios in their vehicles.


Flightcom’s military de-icing solution ensures continuous
communication between the spray operator and the truck driver or with dispatch
through the truck’s radio while allowing the spray operator freedom of movement
to focus only on de-icing tasks.


Aircraft maintenance solutions are available to support
wireless communication and task coordination among multiple personnel working
together in and around airframes.


Loadmaster crews can benefit from continuous full-duplex
wireless communication while having their hands free to complete their tasks.
As with the maintenance solutions, wireless communication is supported within,
outside and around the aircraft to maximize crew effectiveness and safety.


Flightcom’s wireless solutions are encrypted for secure
communication. In addition, all military wireless headsets offer 24db to 26db
of hearing protection to reduce the risk of hearing loss in noisy environments,
such as flight line operations.


The newest Flightcom wireless headsets also include
long-life batteries with quick recharge times and very stable charge retention
to ensure they are ready to perform when needed. Headsets, intercoms and other
key products in all Flightcom military systems are backed by three-year
enhanced service and warranty plans.


By Telecomlead.com Team

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