Fujitsu Advances Open RAN with AI-Powered Power-Saving Application

Fujitsu has announced a significant enhancement to its Virtuora Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) for Open RAN by integrating an AI-driven power-saving application. Dubbed the Fujitsu rApp, this innovation employs machine learning and AI to manage network capacity dynamically, ensuring optimized operations while ensuring seamless service continuity.
Fujitsu telecom jobThe recent interoperability tests conducted by Fujitsu in November 2023 showcased the efficiency of the Virtuora SMO equipped with RAN equipment. The results highlighted an impressive power saving of over 20 percent, a remarkable improvement compared to traditional methods of estimating communication traffic for individual base stations.

Moreover, Fujitsu successfully conducted interoperability tests with VIAVI Solutions, a key player in telecommunications network measurement equipment. The collaboration involved VIAVI’s TeraVM RIC test, an advanced AI-enabled solution aligned with O-RAN specifications, focusing on validating Open RAN RIC, xApps, and rApps using a containerized platform.

These momentous test results were unveiled during the “O-RAN ALLIANCE Global PlugFest Fall 2023,” an international event held by the O-RAN ALLIANCE in November 2023. The O-RAN ALLIANCE intends to release a comprehensive PlugFest Virtual Showcase to delve deeper into these successful integrations and advancements.

The tests, conducted at the COSMOS Lab at Rutgers University in New Jersey, a North American Open Testing and Integration Center, focused on multi-vendor end-to-end connectivity and interoperability, aligning with O-RAN specifications.

Fujitsu’s Virtuora SMO, integrated with the Virtuora Mobility Controller and VIAVI’s TeraVM RIC Test, simulated RAN functions and exhibited exceptional interoperability and power-saving capabilities.

Notably, industry giants like AT&T Communications participated as advisors, providing invaluable insights from an operator and operational perspective. Their involvement ensured a comprehensive evaluation of the interoperability tests, which received affirmation under the scrutiny of AT&T.

In a related development, Viavi Solutions shared the company’s role in the Fall 2023 O-RAN PlugFest organized by the O-RAN ALLIANCE and hosted by industry leaders.

VIAVI delivered benchmarking and validation for RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) testing and training for AI-enabled applications including energy efficiency; security testing; and conformance and end-to-end testing of new products. The company also improved testing efficiency with real-time analysis and automation.

In October and November, VIAVI participated in testing in 11 labs across eight countries: the United States; United Kingdom; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; Japan; and Korea.

“In 2023, the industry has been challenged by financial pressure while advancing networks to deliver innovative services,” said Ian Langley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Business Unit, VIAVI. “At the PlugFest, VIAVI has demonstrated milestones toward increased operating efficiency, including test automation, real-time analysis, and developing RAN intelligence to address energy consumption.”

The test platforms supporting these activities were:

VIAVI TM500, the industry’s leading UE emulator used by 85 percent of base station manufacturers, supporting conformance, performance, interoperability, security and end-to-end testing.

VIAVI TM500 O-RU Tester in combination with the R&S SMW200A or R&S SMM100A Vector Signal Generator (VSG), R&S FSV/A or R&S FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer (VSA), R&S VSE signal analysis software from Rohde & Schwarz, used for O-RU conformance testing, with VIAVI O-RU Test Manager providing a seamless user experience.

VIAVI TeraVM, a virtualized application emulation and security performance platform, used in 5G, Open RAN, RIC testing and training, and cybersecurity testing.

VIAVI XhaulAdvisor, a scalable software solution offering real-time data for fronthaul verification, analysis, emulation and channel utilization. The first solution in the market to feature real-time analytics, XhaulAdvisor enables Open RAN vendors, operators and OTIC labs to accelerate interoperability and end-to-end testing and troubleshooting.