Fujitsu Network helps SKT for deployment of 100G technology

Fujitsu Network Communications announced Southern Kansas Telephone Company (SKT) has deployed the Fujitsu 1FINITY platform and Virtuora Network Management solutions, evolving their existing network to 100G technology.
SKT is enhancing their network to deliver faster internet services to their 5,000 business and residential customers across seven counties. SKT engineers are deploying Fujitsu 1FINITY S100 Switch and L100 Lambda blades to gain from improved network speed and scalability in a minimal footprint.

SKT will be adding Virtuora Network Controller to easily grow and manage a programmable network in a full-featured, scalable environment with reduced cost.

Donna Van Allen, director of operations at SKT, said: “By deploying the 1FINITY solution, we can easily and efficiently continue to meet growing bandwidth demands for our high-speed internet, TV, phone, security, and smart home services.”

Annie Bogue, head of sales and marketing at Fujitsu Network Communications, said: “With the disaggregated Fujitsu 1FINITY platform, SKT can adopt DWDM technology at a competitive price point, with a modular, pay-as-you-grow approach for increased scalability and improved ROI.”