Fujitsu offers Network 1FINITY T250 optical transmission solution

Fujitsu announced that it has started offering FUJITSU Network 1FINITY T250, a disaggregation-type optical transmission solution to achieve the IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) initiative.
Fujitsu telecom jobEngineers can use the new solution to upgrade the reliability of existing optical networks, enabling the creation of new connectivity services for telecommunications carriers and broadcasting companies in new use cases such as telemedicine and remote construction.

Fujitsu said 1FINITY T250 solution realizes All-Photonics Network (APN), an end-to-end optical network with higher transmission capacity, lower latency, and lower energy consumption. It is equipped with latency adjustment technology that controls delays and enables hitless switching of paths that connect nodes in optical transmission equipment.

Engineers can eliminate the risks of line failures caused by factors that are difficult to predict by using 1FINITY T250 to configure a backup line. Engineers can switch lines automatically in a more stable manner without causing a line failure, making it possible to provide APN services more safely and securely.

Fujitsu’s 1FINITY T250 will support the construction and social implementation of optical networks in fields such as telemedicine, remote robotics, and infrastructures such as power transmission network monitoring systems that require high reliability and low latency, as well as continue to contribute to the realization of highly reliable APNs based on the IOWN initiative.

Various use cases of optical transmission using APN are currently being considered to realize the IOWN initiative, for example, power transmission lines that utilizes optical ground wires (OPGW). While this is economical and easier to maintain, it also carries the risk of signal errors because of the external environment effect such as lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference.

Furthermore, even in conventional optical fiber networks, high reliability and low latency are constantly required for manipulation in telemedicine and power transmission network monitoring systems because an accidental failure of network equipment can have a significant impact on services.

To solve these issues, Fujitsu developed 1FINITY T250, an optical transmission solution equipped with Fujitsu’s own latency adjustment technology that visualizes and controls network delays and fluctuations and enables hitless switching of paths between optical transmission equipment nodes.