Fujitsu unveils Ethernet-over-Anything technology to access portfolio

Fujitsu, a
provider of business, information technology, and communications solutions,
announced the launch of an expanded access product portfolio that enables Metro
Ethernet Forum (MEF)-compliant Ethernet services to be offered across various
transport networks.


This announcement
fulfills the Fujitsu  Ethernet over Anything (EoX) vision, giving service providers and enterprises a
uniform platform on which high-growth Ethernet services are supported,
independent of the underlying transport technology.


Fujitsu EoX
technology creates a single, coherent, secure network, allowing Ethernet
services to be delivered whenever and wherever they are needed. Initially
deployed on the EoX Gateway configuration of the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet
Optical Networking Platform (Packet ONP), Fujitsu has extended the EoX vision
into its access products.


end-to-end EoX offering ensures customers receive a high quality and consistent
Ethernet service experience regardless of the underlying transport technology.


integration of EoX technology into the Fujitsu access portfolio also means
Ethernet services can be extended to locations that before may have been
out-of-reach, or created quality concerns because of different transport
technologies used in different parts of the network.


announcement is a huge step toward achieving the mass-market Ethernet services
that end users are demanding,” said Rod Naphan, senior vice president of
product planning at Fujitsu Network Communications.


Fujitsu’s EoX solutions now extending to the access network infrastructure,
ubiquitous Ethernet services can be deployed across SONET, wavelengths, PDH,
copper, or directly over fiber using MEF-compliant service definitions.


This enables
customers to deliver a standard set of Ethernet services using whatever
transport network that is most cost effective for them which, in turn, gives
their end users a consistent Ethernet experience. This flexibility will enable
them to bring new, MEF-compliant Ethernet services to market more quickly.


The Fujitsu
NETSMART 1500 management solution provides the common management platform for
the FLASHWAVE 9500 EoX gateway and EoX access product portfolio, greatly
simplifying end-to-end Ethernet service provisioning, service fault management
and troubleshooting, and ongoing performance monitoring of the network.


Central to
the capabilities of EoX is Connection Oriented Ethernet (COE) on Fujitsu Packet
ONPs. Packet ONPs with COE do for Ethernet what SONET did for DS1s and DS3s,
enabling the creation of a general purpose aggregation and transport
infrastructure based on native Ethernet.


The Fujitsu
COE implementation is based completely on Ethernet, it retains all the
interface flexibility, statistical multiplexing, packet aggregation and
operational cost benefits of Ethernet.


COE is
connection-oriented, it provides dedicated 50ms automatic protection switching,
guaranteed bandwidth with bounded and deterministic packet latency and loss
performance all critical ingredients to a deliver a high value Service Level
Agreement (SLA) to meet the most demanding customer applications.


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