Galtronics enhances LTE MIMO In-Building DAS antenna performance


Galtronics announced that its single 690 2700 MHz In-Building Distributed
Antenna that provides MIMO for the LTE 690-806 MHz band significantly
outperformed two spatially separated competitor antennas in data throughput
tests recently conducted by American Tower at the Las Vegas Hilton.


These test findings, unveiled here at the DAS in Action 2011 forum, confirm the
MIMO advantage for In-Building DAS systems operating in the 750 MHz LTE


In the on-site testing, the Galtronics dual-polarized MIMO antenna (Model No: 02108261-04772) significantly enhanced
data throughput in the LTE 750 MHz band throughout the hotel’s common areas,
outperforming two spatially separated SISO antennas tested at the same


The Galtronics antenna more than doubled the overall speed and also enhanced the quality of
reception at the edge of coverage. These enhanced capabilities deliver higher
data rates to mobile users while offering the venue owner lower installation
costs by only having to install one antenna instead of two.


Galtronics is pleased to announce these
revolutionary test results of our in-building antenna product. The industry has
long speculated on MIMO capabilities at 750 MHz for an in-building environment;
these tests prove the case once and for all. Galtronics’ break-through antenna
solution provides remarkable MIMO performance through a single antenna
eliminating the need for two spatially separated units — saving system and
installation cost while providing breakneck speed for the end user,” said
Ephraim Ulmer, president and CEO, Galtronics.


In addition to increased network data
throughput, Galtronics’ MIMO antennas offer cost and installation advantages to
network operators and building owners. Galtronics broadband solutions also help
to future-proof” installations for coming generations of enhanced LTE
capabilities as building owners and network operators migrate from SISO to MIMO
indoor performance.


In addition to performance advantages, our
Galtronics antenna allows the operator or building owner to ‘future proof’
systems now for next-generation LTE deployments. Network users will continue to
enjoy the benefits of high-speed data without facilities owners having to
double the number of antennas necessary to achieve MIMO performance. These
tests made it clear — Galtronics antennas cut the total cost of ownership while
providing the extraordinary high-speed network experience that LTE promises the
end user,” said Najed Azzam, executive vice president, Broadband and IGM
business unit, Galtronics.


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