GE launches WANic 66512 PCI Express Packet Processor for telecom industry

Telecom Lead India: GE has launched the WANic 66512 PCI
Express Packet Processor. The new product is aimed at addressing the demand for
highest performance in packet processing among communications companies and
telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

The new Express Packet Processor is designed for ease of
development and deployment. It assists operators by offering reduced risk,
faster time-to-market and faster time-to-revenue.

GE claims that the WANic 66512 delivers exceptional
performance and flexibility through its implementation of the fastest Cavium
OCTEON II processor, its PCI Express form factor, and the provision of
board-level diagnostic tools and driver development kits.

The WANic 66512 is distinguished by its use of Cavium’s 10-core 1.5GHz OCTEON
II processor delivering low latency and high throughput to a range of
applications, such as deep packet inspection, lawful intercept, secure access,
network address translation, traffic management and session border control, as
well as to high frequency trading applications.

Whether processing transactions on the trading floor or performing deep packet
inspection for secure network access, the WANic 66512 Packet Processor is
engineered to deliver the utmost performance. We also know that time-to-market
is critical and therefore we complement the technical aspects of the WANic
66512 with world class expertise and a focus on exceptional customer service,”
said Vibhoosh Gupta, Telecommunications Segment Leader, GE Intelligent

Telecom vendors and operators will benefit as GE offers support for the long
term deployments that are typical of the telecommunications industry and a
range of innovative programs designed to minimize cost of ownership by
providing regular technology refresh opportunities as well as mitigating the
effects of obsolescence.

GE said it is designed for NEBS compliance and has been tested for
interoperability, industry certification and regulatory compliance to ensure
compatibility and rapid application deployment.

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