Gemalto signs deals with Korea Telecom and Telefonica

Digital security company Gemalto announced its deals with Korea Telecom (KT) and Telefonica.

Korea Telecom

Gemalto will provide its On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) solution and SIM (eSIM) to offer connectivity to Industrial IoT customers of Korea Telecom. Engineers at the largest South Korean telecom operator will be able to support cars equipped with eSIM flexibility over subscription management, regardless of their country of origin.

Gemalto said its IT team hosts and maintains the IOT connectivity solution in its data center and it integrates with KT’s connected car platform called GiGA drive.

KT, by combining the Gemalto’s remote subscription management solution with its eSIM, will allow automobile manufacturers to provide in-vehicle connected services through GiGA drive and a single SIM.

Business leaders at KT believe that Gemalto’s solutions will help them to strengthen existing partnerships with 13 automotive brands in six countries to drive the adoption of GiGA drive platform.

“Its connectivity for IoT devices and our recent win to provide the 5G network powering the driverless shuttle at the Pangyo Zero City in South Korea will help us attain our goal of being a market leader in the connected car market,” Kangrim Choi, head of Connected Car Business, KT, said.


Gemalto is supplying an identity verification service to Telefonica Deutschland, a telecom operator, in Germany. It will complement the existing verification solutions and enable prepaid customers to confirm their identity through all sales channels, including in-store, online and via their mobile.

Gemalto’s service confirms the authenticity of identity documents including passports, ID cards and residence permits among others. Gemalto will assist engineers at Telefonica Deutschland to meet national fraud regulations while deploying an innovative process for customer enrolment.

This multi-channel solution will streamline the customer enrolment process, in-store and remotely. Engineers can deploy the cloud-based solution easily and minimize the need for capital investment.

The global digital security company said Telefonica Deutschland will launch the solution across sales network, including its own branches, subsidiaries and other outlets such as post offices, in early summer 2018.


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