GENBAND provides Global IP Tandem with Interconnect Solution

Telecom Lead America:  Global IP Tandem has selected
GENBAND’s Interconnect Solution to enable faultless routing of VoIP originated
traffic between Global IP Tandem’s member companies.


Global IP Tandem is membership organization and provides
a centralized switching solution for Voice over IP (VoIP) providers.


This service is available to regulated and unregulated
VoIP providers, Wholesalers, Cable Providers, ILECs, CLECs, and other ISP/ESP
companies in the US and Canada. Our simple, straightforward solution easily
interconnects service provider networks and delivers seamless routing that
enables ‘flat rate’ functionality for providers that originate VoIP traffic,”
said Steve White, chief operating officer at Global IP Tandem.


The Global IP Tandem network bypasses the PSTN by utilizing
unique routing methods to route calls directly between service providers. Also,
it enables the operator to offer a ‘flat rate’ to member companies for calls
placed anywhere in North America.


Global IP Tandem’s powerful switching process utilizes
advanced technology to deliver high quality, Point-to-Point connections, and we
are thrilled to be a part of their efforts to level the playing field for
service providers across North America,” said Mark Pugerude, president, global
sales and marketing, GENBAND.


The Interconnect Solution leverages the G9 Converged
Gateway and C3 Gateway Controller to provide any-to-any
switching and media processing support in all wireless and wireline, access and
core, IP and TDM environments for enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


Deployed worldwide and operating with GENBAND’s G9, the
C3 Gateway Controller brings a highly scalable, multi-application IP session
routing engine and media gateway control platform that provides protocol and
signaling translation and control for seamless interconnectivity.


GENBAND expands S3 SBC portfolio


Recently, GENBAND expanded its S3 Session Border
Controller (SBC) portfolio and enhanced hardware options for its.


The software-based GENBAND S3 SBC portfolio provides
solutions suited for a range of environments, from small service provider
deployments and enterprise customers all the way up to the world’s largest
fixed and mobile service provider networks.


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