Get Green and Save Green with Free INRIX Traffic App for iPhone

INRIX, a provider of traffic information and driver services, announced new data showing drivers who use the INRIX Traffic app everyday save the annual equivalent in emissions from driving a car 370 miles the distance by car from L.A. to San Francisco.

By comparing driving patterns of INRIX Traffic owners to drivers profiled in the Texas Transportation Institute’s 2010 Urban Mobility Report, daily use of INRIX Traffic helps drivers: Spend one less day a year idle in traffic; save gas and money burning one less tank of fuel per year; save the planet by reducing vehicle emissions by 350 lbs of carbon.

“INRIX Traffic gives you the equivalent of one free tank of gas and a day of your life back every year.  It’s amazing how simple changes like using our app everyday can have a big impact on your time, your wallet and the environment,” said Kevin Foreman, vice president of Mobile Applications, INRIX.   Over one million customers rely on the INRIX Traffic app to help take the guesswork out of traveling to the places they go every day.

As the 6th most used app in the navigation category, INRIX Traffic helps drivers reduce the time they spend in traffic through a better understanding of current AND future traffic conditions. Covering more roads with greater accuracy than any other app, INRIX Traffic benefits include:

Reliable real-time traffic information updated every minute covering more than one million miles of highways and city streets in cities nationwide. INRIX Traffic analyzes data from more than 400 public and private sources ranging from traditional road sensors to our own crowd-sourced traffic network to deliver the most accurate traffic reports available.  It’s the only app that factors the impacts of schools’ schedules, collegiate and professional sporting events, and convention schedules to ensure the information you rely on is tuned to the unique events that impact traffic in your city.

Travel forecasts that provide reliable traffic forecasts and travel times to help drivers better plan their trips.  

Real-time reports of accidents, construction, police, and other traffic-impacting events from the same sources used by state DOTs.  Consumers using our app also benefit from eye-witness reports from our community of more than 1 million consumers.

Ability to see how weather and accidents are impacting conditions along your route with real-time images from our nationwide network of over 10,000 traffic cameras (Pro feature)

The app works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices using iOSv3.0 and later.  It’s compatible with Android v.2.0 and later including the popular HTC Evo, HTC Incredible and Motorola Droid X smartphones and the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy tablets.