Globe Telecom Deploys Nokia’s Interleaved Passive Active Antenna to Boost 5G Deployment

Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, has teamed up with Nokia to expedite the rollout of 5G technology in the southern islands of the country. This strategic collaboration aims to leverage Nokia’s innovative Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA+) to accelerate the deployment of advanced 5G networks in the region.
Interleaved Passive Active Antenna from NokiaNokia’s Interleaved Passive Active Antenna introduces a groundbreaking design that supports all 5G frequency bands within a single compact antenna, including the essential 2.6 GHz spectrum band. What sets this antenna apart is its inherent flexibility to accommodate additional bands, safeguarding investments for future technology developments. By adopting Nokia’s IPAA+, Globe Telecom seeks to streamline the process of deploying both 4G and 5G networks, enhancing network efficiency, performance, and overall return on investment.

One of the primary challenges faced by telecom service providers when deploying 5G is the scarcity of space on existing infrastructure for adding new antennas. Nokia’s IPAA+ addresses this challenge head-on, expediting 5G deployment by offering a practical solution to this physical limitation. Sized and weighted comparably to standard multiband antennas, Nokia’s IPAA+ simplifies the upgrade process, allowing service providers like Globe Telecom to swiftly transition to 5G networks through a straightforward antenna swap. By consolidating 4G passive and 5G active antennas into a compact unit, the solution also presents the potential for reduced site rental expenses and expedited site acquisition procedures.

In an impressive display of collaboration and innovation, Nokia and Globe’s engineering teams conducted a successful field trial of a customized variant of the IPAA+ designed specifically for Globe Telecom’s needs. The trial took place in Tantangan, South Cotabato, located on the island of Mindanao. This milestone achievement solidified Globe Telecom’s position as the first operator globally to validate the 2.6 GHz IPAA+ variant under real-world conditions.

Joel Agustin, Senior Vice President and Head of Network Planning and Engineering at Globe Telecom, expressed excitement about the deployment of Nokia’s cutting-edge products in the Philippines. He highlighted how the IPAA+ design effectively addresses pain points related to site acquisition and total cost of ownership, ultimately enhancing the customer experience, especially in the southern Philippines.

Jeciel Nuyda, President of Nokia Shanghai Bell Philippines, expressed delight in the partnership with Globe Telecom, emphasizing the deployment of Nokia’s IPAA+ products in the Philippines. Nuyda underscored the lightweight, modular nature of the products, which encompass all sub-6 GHz 5G frequency bands. This partnership underscores the commitment to collaboratively advancing telecommunications infrastructure in the region.

As Globe Telecom and Nokia move forward with their ambitious deployment plans, the Philippines’ southern islands can anticipate an accelerated journey toward robust 5G connectivity, signaling a transformative leap in telecommunications technology and customer experience.