Globecomm deploys Ciena’s converged packet networking solutions

CienaGlobecomm has deployed Ciena’s converged packet-optical and packet networking solutions.

US-based networking company said that Ciena solutions will power Globecomm, a leading ICT company, to meet content distribution requirements for applications, including video for breaking news stories, disaster recovery for armed forces and connectivity to maritime ships crossing oceans.

Globecomm can cost-effectively increase the capacity, reliability and availability of high-bandwidth services to more than 250 customers throughout its global footprint. Ciena did not reveal the size of the networking deal.

Globecomm, operating in more than 100 countries, provides satellite centric video, voice and managed data solutions for media, maritime, wireless, enterprise and government customers.

Ciena’s Ethernet switching, optical transport and network management solutions enable the fast and high-performance data connectivity to meet the growing demands of the business customers of Globecomm.

Globecomm recently built a high throughput Content Distribution Network (CDN) to support its growing media customer base and expanded into many developing countries throughout Africa and Asia.

Ciena’s 10GE 5142 Service Aggregation Switch enables Globecomm to transmit bandwidth-heavy content, such as videoconferencing, surveillance and video streaming, through the cost-effective operation of layer 2 and layer 3 networks.

Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform allows Globecomm to customize service delivery and support applications from 2.5G to 200G and beyond.

“The Ciena and Globecomm teams effectively collaborated to expand network functionality while increasing service velocity and reliability,” said Jason Phipps, senior vice president, Global Sales and Marketing, Ciena.

With Ciena’s network management capabilities Globecomm can now seamlessly design, schedule and commission services across its network in a matter of minutes versus days, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Some of our most challenging work, including the recent expansion of our solutions into remote areas of Africa and Asia, would not be successful without Ciena,” said Michele Scotto, senior vice president Business Development, Globecomm.

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