GLOBUL in pact with Alcatel-Lucent to enhance its wireless broadband network


announced that GLOBUL, the Bulgarian mobile telecommunications service
provider, will deploy Alcatel-Lucent’s network management solution to
effectively monitor and enhance GLOBUL’s wireless broadband network.


This contract
helps GLOBUL offer high quality data traffic services corresponding to its
customers’ needs and requirements.


The Bulgarian
Telecom market has shown dramatic growth in data traffic over the past few
years and it is promising to grow even faster in the near future. GLOBUL is
committed to providing a secure and reliable connection over our high-speed
Wireless network and the Alcatel-Lucent 9900 WNG will help us to do this,
improving our customers’ experience and better preparing us to face the challenges
of the future,” said Apostolos Pagkoutsos, GLOBUL chief technical officer.


The deployment
of Alcatel-Lucent’s 9900 Wireless Network Guardian (WNG) network management
solution will enable GLOBUL to monitor and analyze every aspect of how the network
is performing in order to meet the service quality expectations of its
customers. The system will provide valuable information in times of
continuously rising use of video and other mobile data services.


9900 WNG’s real-time analysis of network performance allows GLOBUL to quickly
understand how applications, interacting with different devices, affect quality
of service.


As operators
face growing strains on their network it is critical that they invest in a
solution such as Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless Network Guardian to help understand
how the new types of mobile data traffic affect performance. By choosing this
system, GLOBUL is gaining valuable insight and a greater level of control and
predictability to ensure a stronger network performance, said Luc Patie,
CEO, Alcatel-Lucent Bulgaria.


Alcatel-Lucent announcedthat
it has been selected by French service provider Bouygues Telecom to help
address the burgeoning demand for broadband services.

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