GO Malta selects Nokia AVA Charging SaaS solution

GO plc, Malta’s leading communications provider, has made an important decision regarding its charging systems for 5G.
GO plc, MaltaThe company has chosen Nokia’s AVA Charging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to replace its existing SurePay solution. This move demonstrates GO plc’s commitment to enhancing its services and accelerating its monetization efforts in the 5G era.

As a long-standing partner with Nokia for 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) technology, GO plc is taking advantage of Nokia’s expertise in the field. By adopting the AVA Charging SaaS solution, GO plc can benefit from software that is consumed on demand through a subscription model. This approach allows for rapid customer adoption and usage by reducing the time and effort spent on software installation and configuration.

The SaaS delivery model provided by Nokia offers several advantages to GO plc. It enables quicker time to market for 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) services by leveraging features such as no code configuration, TM Forum open APIs, and established network integrations. Moreover, the deployment of the AVA Charging SaaS solution is expected to result in cost reductions for GO plc, making it a financially viable choice.

Nokia’s AVA Charging SaaS brings extensive business intelligence gathered from numerous customer engagements. This wealth of knowledge enables faster commercialization of new services for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) through automation and no-code charging configurability. The solution is versatile and can be utilized by CSPs to monetize both consumer services, such as cloud gaming, and enterprise services catering to vertical markets like utilities, logistics, and healthcare.

Kelvin Camenzuli, Chief Digital Officer at GO plc, expressed his excitement about the integration of Nokia’s AVA SaaS-based no-code charging solution. He believes that this transformation of GO plc’s charging systems will empower the company to fully leverage the potential of 5G and expedite its monetization efforts.

With GO plc’s commitment to innovation and Nokia’s advanced AVA Charging SaaS solution, the future of telecommunications in Malta is set to witness enhanced services and improved customer experiences.