Golden West deploys Centina Systems’ NetOmnia solutions

Telecom Lead America: Golden West Telecommunications, a provider of voice, data and cable TV services in South Dakota, has deployed Centina Systems’ NetOmnia solutions.


Improving customer experience is a major thrust area for telecom players. In order to monitor its wireline network and provide real-time, visualization of customer broadband service performance for its ISP business, Golden West will leverage the NetOmnia Operations Assurance, Service Assurance and Performance Assurance products.


Leveraging NetOmnia solutions, Golden West’s will improve service quality and customer service by reducing its mean time to repair (MTTR). Operationally, this translates to finding a network management solution allows its technical teams to quickly assess and solve cross-platform problems in a more efficient manner.


“NetOmnia is unique in its approach to aggregation and correlation of alarms in a heterogeneous service provider network,” said Nick Rogness, director of Engineering and Operations at Golden West.


The key differentiator in the selection of NetOmnia was the ability to apply business workflow rules to network events. This enables Golden West to align network management practices with business goals.


“Our operations infrastructure has been streamlined and our network performance and MTTR improved by monitoring the network with NetOmnia, rather than the numerous element management systems. NetOmnia will provide visibility of the network and its performance across a multi-vendor environment along with the ability to correlate customers to services in real-time,” Rogness added.


NetOmnia Operations Assurance deploys improves network visibility and reduces administration and maintenance. NetOmnia Performance Assurance provides real-time, historical and projected network performance analysis and visualization of the end-to-end performance of any type of network or cloud infrastructure, including key performance indicators and their impact on the business and SLAs.


“Most incumbent and regional communication providers have acquired a variety of legacy and disparate systems for network monitoring and service assurance, making it very difficult to gain a comprehensive view of the network and what is impacting the customer experience,” said Anand Gonuguntla, co-founder and CEO, Centina Systems.


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