Greenpacket pilots mobile IP for Telefonica users to view content across 3G networks

By Telecom Lead Team: Greenpacket, a global developer of
mobile broadband and networking solutions, announced that Telefonica has
completed trial of its Intouch Connectivity Experience client for Mobile IP.

The successful trial will enable Telefonica users to
enjoy their favorite soccer matches, broadcast news and lifestyle content via
their Mobile TV IP service across multiple networks and devices seamlessly.

The trial demonstrated stable connectivity when switching
between 3G-WiFi networks, and supports both Android and Windows operating

The trial was able to accomplish zero content loss or
jitter during video and content streaming. Ultimately, the user experience
greatly benefits from uninterrupted service experience, while the Intouch
client seamlessly offloads onto the preferred network to deliver the content on
the highest bandwidth network.

Mobile IP is necessary for operators offering Mobile TV
type services, where an ongoing streaming session experiences an
application-controlled handover from network to network automatically; e.g. 3G
to WiFi.

“We are pleased to be working with the world’s
leading and largest 3G operator in Spain. Our MIP enabled Intouch Connectivity
Experience client support will be critical to Telefonica’s service strategy as
they continue to grow their mobile TV segment by delivering the best quality
programs to their users,” said Kelvin Lee, senior general manager of

Mobile TV is in high demand among a large base of viewers
in Spain and Latin America. Greenpacket is helping optimize operator control
and enhance the mobile TV experience for these users as they move between
different locations, networks, and devices.

Greenpacket’s Intouch Connectivity Experience client
empowers operators to deliver an enhanced connectivity experience across all
mobile handheld devices: smartphones, feature phones and tablets to the

Supporting both Android and Windows platform, it will
give flexibility to consumers to experience reliable and robust connectivity as
they move across multiple spaces between their home, hotspots, office, campuses,
car, airports and beyond.

The profile manager within the Intouch Connectivity
Experience client contains in-built connection policies related to signal
strength, priority and location that determines which network to connect.
Additionally, the client supports seamless data offload via interworking WLAN.

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