Harris unveils new frequency-hopping waveforms in global telecom markets

By Telecom
Lead Team:
Harris Corporation has introduced new capabilities in electronic
counter-countermeasures (ECCM) with the launch of new high-performing waveforms – Quicklook 3 and Quicklook-Wide.


The new
capabilities in electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) will enhance the
information security and reliability of tactical communications for
international armed forces.


Harris is
focused on addressing both the current and emerging challenges of tactical
communications around the world. We collaborated with our customers to develop
these new ECCM capabilities that deliver enhanced information assurance to the
battlefield. These new solutions expand our portfolio to include data and hop
rates never before seen in tactical handheld radios,'” said Brendan O’Connell,
president, International Business, Harris RF Communications.


developed new high-performing waveforms – Quicklook 3 and Quicklook-Wide —
that deliver significant advances in ECCM techniques.


The first
provides enhanced agility through ultra-fast frequency hopping rates, while the
second delivers improved throughput of 64 Kbps of IP data while frequency
hopping. The waveforms will be available on the Harris Falcon III RF-7800V
VHF series.


The new Harris
waveforms are part of an expanded line of ECCM for protecting tactical
communications from jammers or unfavorable atmospheric conditions.


Quicklook 3
offers a 10-fold increase in frequency hopping rates over traditional frequency
hopping options and will be available in the Falcon III RF-7800V Combat
Net Radio. This makes the RF-7800V the only tactical handheld combat net radio
with ultra high-speed frequency hopping.


On the other
hand, Quicklook-Wide provides a five-fold increase in data throughput for
frequency hopping.


Development of
this waveform is part of Harris’ continued innovation in developing wideband
tactical communications that allow for real-time transmission of voice and data
on the battlefield.


Recently, Harris Corporation bagged a $26.4 million order from the Kingdom of Jordan for Falcon
III and Falcon II radios. These tactical radio systems will provide modernized
tactical communication capabilities to the country’s military.


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