HFCL invests Rs 35 crore to expand OFC manufacturing facility

HFCL will invest Rs 35 crore for expanding its optical fibre (OFC) manufacturing facility at Hyderabad to 10.5 million route fibre kilometre from 7 million fkm, PTI reported.
Optical fiber investmentHFCL in a filing on Monday said the board of the company in its meeting held on Monday approved the proposal of enhancing additional manufacturing capacity of optical fibre cable (OFC) manufacturing plant by June this year.

The company has existing production capacity of 8 million fkm approximately and working with utilisation capacity of 96 percent. It is already working on adding 7 million fkm which the board has now enhanced by another 3.5 million fkm.

With this increment, the company will have total production capacity of 18.5 fkm by June 2019.