HFCL Secures Rs 1,127 Crore Contract from BSNL for Optical Network Transformation

HFCL Limited (HFCL) has clinched a contract worth Rs 1,127 crore from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). The contract aims to revolutionize BSNL’s optical transport network (OTN) infrastructure, marking a pivotal step toward enhancing the country’s digital connectivity.
BSNL Kerala offersPartnering with Nokia Networks, HFCL is set to spearhead the deployment of cutting-edge optical technology across BSNL’s extensive network. This collaboration aims to fortify BSNL’s infrastructure, significantly augmenting its capabilities to meet the burgeoning data demands of the future.

BSNL’s ambitious objective involves the comprehensive upgrade of the OTN infrastructure at more than 300 major network nodes and over 2000 amplifier sites. The intensive installation process is anticipated to be completed within an 18-month timeframe.

This expansive project encompasses multiple facets, including supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the OTN (Optical Transport Network) infrastructure. Upon completion, BSNL is poised to witness a substantial boost in its data capacity, reaching an impressive 12 terabytes. This enhancement is projected to cater effectively to the data requirements for the next decade.

The upgraded backbone network, spanning across 310 aggregation locations, is set to become a cornerstone in bolstering the capabilities of 4G, 5G, and BharatNet services, positioning BSNL at the forefront of India’s digital revolution.

Mahendra Nahata, Managing Director at HFCL, expressed confidence in the transformative potential of this network overhaul. “The network upgrade will not only address the demands of Enterprise and FTTH/Broadband services but strategically positions BSNL for the seamless launch of 4G services and the anticipation of 5G services.”

The strategic collaboration between HFCL, Nokia Networks, and BSNL signifies a concerted effort to elevate India’s telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring a robust and technologically advanced network capable of meeting the evolving needs of the digital era.