HFCL Unveils 2 Gbps Unlicensed Band Radio and Unified Cloud Network Management System at India Mobile Congress

HFCL made waves at the India Mobile Congress 2023 with the launch of two innovative solutions set to revolutionize the telecom industry.
HFCL cable production in Goa, IndiaHFCL has introduced its cutting-edge 2 Gbps Unlicensed Band Radio (UBR) and the Unified Cloud Network Management System (UcNMS), demonstrating a commitment to advancing connectivity and network management.

2 Gbps Unlicensed Band Radio (UBR)

HFCL’s 2 Gbps UBR connectivity solution operates seamlessly across an extended 5GHz frequency range. Designed for easy installation, effortless management, and fortified with advanced security features, the UBR promises to elevate network performance and security.

One of the standout features of this technology is its ability to facilitate 5G wireless backhauling at the remarkable speed of 2 Gbps. HFCL’s innovation promises to provide customers with cost-saving advantages, potentially reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 75 percent when compared to traditional backhaul solutions. This substantial cost reduction is set to make HFCL’s 2 Gbps UBR an attractive option for telecom operators and businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure.

The advanced security features integrated into the UBR are a testament to HFCL’s commitment to ensuring network safety. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, these security enhancements will play a vital role in protecting network integrity and customer data.

Unified Cloud Network Management System (UcNMS)

In addition to the 2 Gbps UBR, HFCL introduced its Unified Cloud Network Management System (UcNMS), designed to streamline the management and monitoring of its wireless and wireline product portfolio. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the UcNMS provides an intelligent, centralized platform for controlling, monitoring, and managing access points, switches, and UBR devices.

One of the standout features of the UcNMS is its AI-based predictive analysis capabilities. This allows it to anticipate network problems and suggest troubleshooting steps proactively, reducing the likelihood of network interruptions. This predictive analysis capability will be a game-changer for both telecoms and enterprise customers, as it enables them to maintain network stability and ensure seamless connectivity for their customers.

Furthermore, UcNMS facilitates network management and application control, allowing telecom operators and enterprises to adapt quickly to changing customer requirements. With this innovative platform, HFCL is taking a significant step towards empowering its customers with more control and flexibility over their network operations.

The launch of the 2 Gbps UBR and UcNMS at the India Mobile Congress 2023 signifies HFCL’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and enhancing the connectivity experience for its customers. These groundbreaking solutions are expected to drive the future of telecommunications and network management, promising improved performance, cost savings, and a more secure and reliable network infrastructure.