Hickory Telephone ties up with Zhone for copper- and fiber-based RF triple-play deployment


Zhone Technologies, a global provider of FTTx network
access solutions, was selected to help Hickory Telephone Company deliver
advanced triple-play services including radio-frequency (RF) video, voice over
Internet Protocol (VoIP) and high-speed data to consumers and local businesses
throughout Western Pennsylvania.


Zhone’s MXK solution is serving as the core multi-service
access platform for Hickory Telephone Company’s new copper- and FTTx-based
networks, providing intelligent Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)
connectivity within the operator’s network to facilitate a quick and efficient
migration from its legacy POTS system to the new infrastructure model.


“We’ve been offering communications services to the
local Hickory community for more than 100 years and understand how influential
our ability to continuously innovate is on the growth and livelihood of our
residential and business customers,” said Grier Adamson, CEO, Hickory
Telephone Company.


“However, we also recognize that as we expand the
breadth and reach of our services portfolio in the region, we must also expand
the capacity of our networks. Fortunately, the Zhone MXK gives us more than
enough growth flexibility to increase our bandwidth offerings to customers now
and support any unexpected capacity requirements that emerge as we continue our
migration to more advanced voice, video and data services,” Adamson added.


The Zhone MXK was chosen by Hickory Telephone
Company in part because of its ability to provide GPON-based FTTH access at the
lowest cost, but primarily because it delivers the most density of GPON ports
in the smallest footprint. The multi-services access platform offers a 72-port
POTS feature and can also support T1s and POTS for business solutions as


“What operators have told us is so appealing about
the MXK is its unique flexibility and scalability for both copper and fiber
networks, especially considering the extensive cost efficiencies and service
differentiation it provides in comparison with other industry solutions,”
said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer, Zhone.


“Every operator’s service portfolio and network design
is slightly different, as is their migration strategy. That’s why Zhone’s FTTx
solutions were designed specifically to manage the individual complexities of
multi-service access facing customers such as Hickory Telephone,” Caskey


The MXK was built to address the specific field
requirements of each operator’s network architecture. Featuring
industry-leading density, scalability and switching capacity, the MXK is the
industry’s first terabit access concentrator and provides non-blocking capacity
of up to 3,600 100 Mbps GPON subscribers or 360 1G Active Ethernet subscribers.


The resulting long-term performance quality and
reliability of this approach to multi-service access has driven more than 100
service providers in over 40 countries worldwide to integrate the MXK into
their networks. In total, more than 1,350 fully redundant, carrier-grade all-IP
MXK platforms are currently deployed across the globe.


By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]