Honeywell launches limitless industrial wireless receiver

introduced its new Limitless WDRR Wireless Din-Rail Receiver for industrial,
construction, machine, material handling, and heavy transportation
applications, including agricultural equipment, cranes, lifts, conveyors, grain
diverters, and door positions.


new WDRR
is a din-rail or panel-mountable receiver designed to receive
wireless signals from up to 14 different position-sensing switches and
communicate the individual switch status to a programmable logic controller
(PLC) or any controllers capable of receiving NPN/PNP inputs.


wireless switching can save up to 60 percent compared to traditional wired
switching by reducing installation time, conduit, wire, clips and other
accessories.  Limitless also enables sensing capabilities where it is
impossible or very difficult to run cabling. 


new Limitless WDRR expands our innovation platform. Sensing and Control’s
electromechanical line of business, increases possibilities, reduces capital
and operating expenses and adds reliability in many applications,” said Joseph
Citrano, global product manager, Honeywell.


Limitless wireless network is an easy-to-implement solution for those looking
for a cost-effective and reliable switching solution.  It includes the
WDRR and WPMM receivers, the WLS and WGLA limit switches, utilizes the global,
license-free RF wireless 802.15.4 WPAN protocol, provides up to a 305 m (1000
ft) line-of-sight communication range, and prolongs battery life with advanced
power management technology.

By Team