How Ericsson 5G Core Policy Studio helps SPs in making more 5G revenue

Ericsson has launched a network programmability tool, called 5G Core Policy Studio, to enable telecom service providers to easily capture 5G revenue through offering differentiation.
Ericsson LTE network supplier
The tool handles the central management of all core network policies and is  integrated with Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core.

The 5G Core Policy Studio tool is a central provisioning engine that works at the core of the network. It enables access and control of all policies that manage different 5G and 4G services through one easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

This ability allows communications service providers to dynamically configure innovative services within network slices for consumers and enterprise customers and tailor those offerings to specific user needs and network circumstances.

Ericsson’s launch of its 5G Core Policy Studio is a notable announcement for the telecoms industry since it accelerates Service Providers’ efforts to capture new revenue streams by offering granular service differentiation and a tailored quality of experience, Don Alusha, Senior Analyst at tech market advisory firm, ABI Research, said.

Ericsson’s 5G Core Policy Studio is an automated policy platform that will allow operators to monetize 5G network assets and launch differentiated services in a matter of days, rather than weeks or even months.

Ericsson testing shows that the tool can deliver savings of up to 70 percent in policy configuration operational expenditures by simplifying the design and configuration activities compared to similar network configuration execution without the tool.

The telecom network supplier said its 5G Core Policy Studio enables operators to provide tailored connectivity services across their customer base.

“Ericsson’s 5G Core Policy Studio is a network programmability tool to adapt service performance depending on conditions such as the type of subscription, time of day, service area or device location,” Monica Zethzon, head of Solution Area Cloud Packet Core, Ericsson, said in a statement.

Ericsson 5G Core Policy Studio builds on the company’s strengths in converged policy control and feature support by introducing unified control of all policy enforcement mechanisms as well a new network programmability tool. GlobalData has assigned Ericsson’s policy control products a Leader ranking, Andy Hicks, principal analyst at GlobalData, said.


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