How Huawei aids telecom operators to challenge OTT players

Telecom Lead India: Huawei solutions are set to assist telecom operators to address challenges from OTT companies.

Huawei Technologies’ recently announced software defined network (SDN) solution is aimed at assisting telecom operators to challenge OTT players by reducing cost of operations and improve time to market.

Huawei, the second largest telecom equipment vendor based on revenue, says its virtual family solution (vFamily) will assist Indian mobile operators to launch the residential services into the SDN era.

The industry’s first software defined network (SDN)- and network functions virtualization (NFV)-based technology is based on Huawei’s software-defined broadband network gateway (BNG) platform.

Huawei says the new solution enables global telecom operators to provide residents with virtual residential gateway (vRGW) and virtual set top box (vSTB) services over the broadband network.

The main benefit to telecom operators is cost reduction. Indian telecom operators can reduce the cost of providing family video services. Mobile service providers can also simplify terminal maintenance and management, improve family service experience, enhance telecom operators’ innovation in service development, and shortens the time to market of new services.

Initiatives by Internet over-the-top (OTT) companies are impacting telecom operator revenue from voice, SMS, and IPTV services.

OTT revenue is expected to touch $32 billion by 2017 from the expected $8.2 billion in 2012. By 2014, OTT rentals will surpass subscription revenues, according to ABI Research.

The traditional IPTV solution is customized, from terminal and middleware, to the head end service system, whereas the end-to-end (E2E) industry chain is closed, lacks innovation, and incurs high operation costs.

Huawei vFamily solution is based on an open architecture and helps telecom operators eliminate the bottlenecks in the service development process.


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