How Nokia Networks analytics to add more revenue for telecoms

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Nokia Networks on Tuesday announced the launch of two analytics services for mobile operators to tap into $79 billion market potential.

The company said Nokia Ad Analytics and Nokia Big Data Consultancy are the two latest analytics services from Nokia Networks.

Nokia Ad Analytics offers data to the advertising industry, while Nokia Big Data Consultancy assists operators to maximize the value of their big data platforms and monetize their network insights.

Recently, Accenture announced their upgraded analytics platform for telecom operators.

A recent 451 Research Study said the market of telecom data as a service is expected to reach $79 billion by 2020 from $24.1 billion in 2015. Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods and Governments have the biggest needs for telecom data.

Nokia Ad Analytics works in cooperation among telecom operators, advertising companies and Nokia Networks. The service extracts and analyzes the data from operator networks as per target segments specified by the advertising agency.

On the other hand, Nokia Big Data Consultancy builds on Nokia Networks’ existing analytics and CEM expertise in big data architecture, network data insight, analytical modelling and value realization approach to help operators reduce costs, improve customer experience and grow subscriber revenue.

Nokia Ad Analytics supports multiple advertising use cases. It can optimize placement of outdoor advertising and messages on digital billboards. In online marketing, promotions can be delivered based on lifestyle, habitat and status of the mobile subscriber.

In an Asian country advertisers estimate a five-fold increase in conversion rates with Nokia Ad Analytics.

Nokia Big Data Consultancy expertise will assist operators in understanding their current big data landscape and building analytics models that can drive high value use cases.

“The mobile advertising market is booming, driven by large advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook. We are foreseeing that enriched data from mobile networks can help advertisers boost their revenue by up to 33 percent compared to advertising based on cookies,” said Deepak Harie, vice president Systems Integration at Nokia Networks.