How ZTE performed in 2017

ZTE 5G for mobile
ZTE Corporation, a China-based technology company, has revealed the company’s annual revenue from carrier networks, consumer business and government-enterprise businesses in 2017.

ZTE generated RMB 63.78 billion from carrier networks, RMB 35.21 billion from consumer business and RMB 9.83 billion from government-enterprise business in 2017. ZTE did not reveal the growth percentage of these three business units.

ZTE’s total revenue of RMB 108.82 billion (+7.5 percent) includes RMB 61.96 billion from China and RMB 46.86 billion from international markets. The company did not reveal the growth percentage for China and international revenues.

ZTE said its R&D spending increased to RMB 12.96 billion in 2017, covering 11.9  percent of revenue.

ZTE has formed a 5G R&D team with more than 4,500 professionals, covering a full range of connectivity, carrier, service and mobile devices to establish ZTE’s threefold leadership in 5G technology, commercial use and economies of scale.

ZTE has formed partnerships with over 20 operators to jointly advance the verification and test of 5G technologies, thereby accelerating 5G commercial deployments.

In 2018, ZTE will focus on high-worth customers and enhance customer satisfaction in accordance with its 2020 Strategy.