HP launches Big Data and analytics solutions for Indian telecom operators

Telecom Lead India: To assist mobile operators to tap Big Data opportunities, HP on Wednesday launched Telco Big Data and Analytics solutions.

READ: Recently, Cisco announced that deployment of Big Data enables these telecom operators to interpret subscriber data available in their networks in real time and use for business decisions.

Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Communications are deploying Big Data solutions to improve revenue streams.

Marshal Correia, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Services India, HP, said: “Telecom operators have a wealth of information about their subscribers, including their preferences, their habits and all of their mobile activities, but they need to be able to use this data to generate new offerings and drive growth. We have combined HP’s business analytics solution with our networking expertise to help CSPs generate the actionable insights they need to propel their organizations into the future.”

HP’s Telco Big Data and Analytics are available now worldwide.

By leveraging analytics to gain insight into subscriber usage patterns, preferences and interests, mobile operators can capitalize on business opportunities and partner more effectively with these new providers.

The HP Telco Big Data and Analytics support CSPs’ ability to transform the data collected from a variety of sources into actionable intelligence. The solutions provide insight into the subscribers’ experience and preferences.

HP claims that contextual insight into subscriber needs enables telecom operators to create products and targeted marketing offers that are designed to improve subscriber satisfaction.

In addition, mobile service providers can use this information to develop new revenue streams and business ventures with content providers and other third parties. Finally, HP Telco Big Data and Analytics provide insight into real-time network conditions, so CSPs can enhance network utilization and address traffic congestion situations.

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