HP solution enables T-Mobile to cut time to analyze telecom user information

Telecom Lead India: Technology major HP is strengthening
its presence in the mobile service provider market.

HP said it delivered an HP AppSystem for the SAP HANA
database to T-Mobile USA. The U.S. telecom operator will reduce the time to
analyze information from more than one week to less than a day.

The HP solution was significant for T-Mobile as it
provides over 33 million mobile users with customized wireless plans, depending
on smartphone and data needs. It conducts targeted customer communications
about mobile phone services and offers. Its earlier analytics solution was
complex and could not track user offers in a timely way.

The solution is built on HP Converged Infrastructure in
association with SAP. HP deployed the solution in two weeks. T-Mobile said it
has enhanced the ability to deliver targeted marketing campaigns to customers
by transforming the way it delivers, manages and measures its wireless plan

“T-Mobile wanted to accelerate the timing and
precision of our marketing campaigns to increase customer and shareholder
value. We selected SAP HANA running on HP Converged Infrastructure to achieve
this result,” said Erez Yarkoni, chief information officer, T-Mobile USA.

To assist T-Mobile in configuring HP AppSystem for SAP
HANA, HP provided services to preintegrate the hardware and software, on-site
startup for quick integration into T-Mobile’s environment, and support

“T-Mobile needed faster and better customer insight
from its varied data systems. HP and SAP quickly delivered a turnkey solution
that provides simplicity, performance and faster time to value,” said Paul
Miller, vice president, Converged Systems, HP.

“SAP, in cooperation with HP, worked to support the
creation and delivery of a unique and differentiated customer-tracking solution
for T-Mobile,” said Steve Lucas, executive vice president and general
manager, Global Database and Technology, SAP.

HP has completed more than 77,000 installations worldwide
of SAP applications, and HP Converged Infrastructure runs nearly half of all
SAP installations in the world. HP is a global leader in providing services for
SAP environments, supporting 1.7 million users in more than 50 countries.

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