HPE in NFV technology deal with Swisscom

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced telecom deals with Swisscom and Telecom Personal, a company indirectly controlled by Telecom Italia — ahead of MWC 2016.

As per the first telecom deal with HPE, Swisscom, a telecom operator in Switzerland, will deploy NFV technology using HPE OpenNFV solutions to offer virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE) to its business customers.

Previously, its network functions were deployed at an end customer’s location, requiring dedicated on-site appliances and significant Capex.

HPE said Swisscom’s new vCPE model allows it to manage its customers’ network infrastructure from a centralized location, providing networking services on-demand, leading to lower costs, faster service deployments and higher service availability.

“Delivering networking services to our customers in a timely manner is our number one priority in this project — we were looking for lower cost as well as faster and easier ways to deliver services, which was a challenge when running our network functions on-premises,” said John de Keijzer, head of Development, Swisscom.

Swisscom will utilize HPE technologies, including HPE Virtual Services Router for managing firewall and routing, HPE Service Director for orchestration and HPE Technology Services for consulting and implementation to deploy a low cost vCPE solution.

Saar Gillai, senior vice president and general manager, Communications Solutions Business, HPE, said: “Our work on Swisscom’s vCPE implementation is a strong example of how CSPs can leverage current investments, while virtualizing their networks to expand into new markets in a more efficient and agile way.”

As per the second telecom deal, Telecom Personal has selected HPE as a supplier for its core network transformation to modernize its network to deliver 4G LTE technologies. It selected HPE to help expand and upgrade part of its network core to provide its customers a better service experience, as well as higher network speeds and capacity.

“Mobile data is at the center of our strategy to enable our customers with the best user experience and we are making a huge transformation in our network to support it,” said Paolo Perfetti, CTO of Telecom Personal.

HPE will provide a core network architecture with open standard interfaces, enabling Telecom Personal to treat subscriber data management (SDM) as a network agnostic function. This is a departure from the traditional model, where network equipment providers also supply proprietary SDM and core network functions.

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