Hrvatski Telekom partners with Beyond Now for BSS

Hrvatski Telekom, Croatia’s leading Communication Service Provider (CSP) and a part of Deutsche Telekom, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Beyond Now, a renowned orchestration and digital platform provider. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize Hrvatski Telekom’s B2B Business Support Systems (BSS) and set a new standard in the Croatian market.
Marijana Bacic Hrvatski TelekomThe digital transformation of its BSS is expected to enhance the quality of services and user experience for Hrvatski Telekom’s enterprise and SMB customers, bringing innovative solutions and technology to support their digital journeys.

As part of the transformation, Hrvatski Telekom will utilize Beyond Now’s Infonova SaaS BSS platform that accelerates the time-to-market of new digital services and solutions. With this implementation, business users will gain access to a comprehensive online store and a self-care portal to efficiently manage their fixed, mobile, and digital solutions and services.

One of the major benefits of this partnership is the reduction of operational costs, coupled with increased efficiency through digitization and process automation. This will ultimately lead to an improved user experience and higher customer satisfaction, reinforcing Hrvatski Telekom’s position as a key enabler of the Croatian economy’s digital transformation.

Marijana Bacic, Chief Operating Officer Business (COO Business) at Hrvatski Telekom, expressed excitement about the growing demand from their business users for new digital services and technology solutions. As a reliable partner, Hrvatski Telekom aims to empower its customers by providing a wide range of essential services and solutions through their platform.

Boris Drilo, Chief Technical and Information Technology Director at Hrvatski Telekom, emphasized that this implementation marks the first time the company is integrating a complex SaaS solution into its IT environment and processes. The expectation is that this approach will significantly improve their time-to-market capabilities, equipping their commercial organization with a powerful tool to expand and develop their portfolio further.

The implementation of the digital transformation will occur in three phases, in alignment with Hrvatski Telekom’s vision to drive service innovation, continually enhance customer experience, and bolster its pivotal role in catalyzing Croatia’s digital economy.

With this transformative step, Hrvatski Telekom reaffirms its commitment to shaping Croatia’s digital future and solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the telecommunications industry.