Huawei 5G network becomes top priority for telecom CTOs

Several CEOs and CTOs at big telecom operators worldwide are betting on 5G network from Huawei, the world’s largest telecom network maker, for rolling out their latest services.
Huawei 5G base station in ChinaThis reflects Huawei’s latest announcement on 5G equipment deals with leading telecom operators. Huawei last week said it signed 22 commercial contracts to supply its 5G network equipment. Huawei is the only telecom equipment supplier to announce the number of 5G deals it bagged till now.

Main 5G customers

British Telecom, one of the key customers of Huawei, kicked off its first live customer trials of 5G new radio in Montgomery square. BT is using 3.4 GHz spectrum and equipment from Huawei for the 5G trials.

4G and 5G, the two technologies can and will work together over the next few years to deliver the best quality of service for customers.

“We need everybody to guarantee the standards to be backwards compatible. I know that companies like Huawei are continuing to respond to that challenge. I do think in everything from architecture to security, we can achieve more by working together,” Howard Watson, group CTO at British Telecom, said.

Huawei is the only true 5G supplier right now, said Neil McRae, chief architect at British Telecom. “Others need to catch up. I’ve been to Shenzhen recently and there’s nowhere else in the world where you can see” the kind of 5G technology developments that Huawei has achieved. Other suppliers need to learn from Huawei. Others are held back by old telco issues,” Neil McRae said.

Bell Canada is the largest telecom company in Canada with 22 million connections. Bell is readying for 5G network. “We do the trials with Huawei. We are trying the innovative with the small cell deployment. We are very exciting to partner with Huawei,” Stephen Howe, CTO of Bell Canada, said.

Sunrise, a telecom operator in Switzerland, is aiming to make investment in 5G as part of the strategy to replace most of the ADSL and VDSL and compete against cable.

“Huawei is an amazing provider for 4G/5G connectivity technologies. I was impressed by the application demonstrating and Huawei’s ability to create a whole partner ecosystem. Huawei is not just an amazing relation partner, but also a true partner that always support and understand the customer,” Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise, said.

Deutsche Telecom is getting ready to invest in 5G network. Deutsche Telecom has already conducted trials in Berlin to build out its first and Europe first 5G test bed in association with Huawei.

Deutsche Telecom deployed 5G NR cluster with Huawei 64T64R Massive MIMO antennas integrated into the live network in Berlin. Deutsche Telecom installed antenna in six cells in May this year for Europe and conducted first 5G data connection under real world conditions, said Alex Jin Sung Choi, CTO of Deutsche Telecom.

Orange, a leading telecom operator in Europe and Africa, has conducted Massive MIMO technology trials in 2017 with Huawei.

“We are preparing Orange infrastructure capable to host any network functions from fixed and mobile operation. It has been a key time to test the devices with our key partners like Huawei and to test all the new equipments that we have to put on our existing sites,” said Arnaud Vamparys, senior VP — Radio Networks, Orange.

3UK aims to enhance the capacity and reduce the cost per GB by making investment in 5G networks. 3UK will get 144MHz spectrum for 5G in 3.4-3.8GHz band. There is a significant further potential, David Dyson, CEO of 3UK, said.

KPN uses Huawei 5G Massive MIMO technology to deploy sites based on 700MHz, 2300MHz and 3400MHz in the range of refinery to realize communication support for different application scenarios including high-definition cameras supporting high-speed uploads and IoT networks.

“Now with a 5G network, the refinery can deploy robots instead of manual inspections. It can be implemented efficiently based on the vehicle’s high-definition camera combined with the professional algorithms behind it for the safety detection of pipelines, Jacob Groote, EVP Products B2B at KPN, said.

Telkomsel, a mobile operator in Indonesia, signed an agreement with Huawei to enhance innovation in flexible package services, user experience assurance, and enterprise mobile broadband (MBB) services.

“Thanks to Huawei’s support, the Volume Base Offload project for quota management was delivered quickly and qualitatively in 2018. In terms of digital transformation strategies, Telkomsel would like to continue cooperating with Huawei for continuous business development, Telkomsel CIO Montgomery A. Hong, said.

Huawei’s latest 5G equipment has enabled touch, a leading telecom operator in Lebanon, to perform the commercial 5G trial.

“This trial with Huawei gives a fantastic preview of the truly awesome power this technology possesses and the incredible services and applications it will drive,” Emre Gurkan, CEO of touch, said.

Huawei and Three UK showcased a 5G home broadband demonstration using Three UK’s 100MHz C-Band spectrum at the 2018 Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum.

The latest developments indicate that Huawei will be further developing market share in the telecom network space.

Baburajan K