What Huawei achieved in FTTH business

Huawei in FTTH business
Chinese telecom network maker Huawei announced that it rolled out 100 millionth FTTH terminal (an ONT) from the production line.

Huawei, which competes with ZTE, said the company is the first telecom equipment vendor to achieve shipment volume of 100 million FTTH terminals.

The milestone follows Huawei’s investment in FTTH technology innovations and launching E2E FTTH solutions. Huawei will continue to innovate and promote the development of the FTTH industry, helping customers achieve business success.

Huawei and FTTH milestones


Huawei released an ONT chip with intellectual property rights and deployed the world’s first commercial large-scale FTTH network in United Arab Emirates


Huawei and Verizon jointly carried out the world’s first 10G PON test.


Huawei became the first vendor that deployed over 1 million FTTH terminals.


Huawei, together with China Telecom, Portugal Telecom, and Etisalat UAE, completed the world’s first commercial deployment of 10G PON MDUs.


Huawei released the industry’s first commercial 40G TWDM PON prototype and became the first vendor that delivered more than 10 million ONTs.


Huawei deployed the industry’s first 10G PON ONT first office application (FOA) site for British Telecommunications.


Huawei released the industry’s first intelligent ONT that supports the smart home service and signed a deal with Shanghai Research Institute of China Telecom in smart home network development.


Huawei cooperated with China Unicom, Beltelecom in developing IoT-oriented smart home solution.

According to an OVUM analysts report, Huawei has secured the top place in FTTH terminal shipment in consecutive seven years.

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