Huawei and I-City in IoT deal in Malaysia

Huawei and I-City are working together for the development of the next generation of IoT intelligent homes where appliances, HVAC, lights and other home safety & security devices can be monitored, tracked and managed.

This development intended for Kuala Lumpur will see the merger of three key technology trends in the marketplace – Cloud, Communications and IOT.

The venture will witness Huawei handling the Communications and IT sector and I-Berhad managing property development to result in business models creating benchmark in Asia for intelligent homes implementation.

It will include each step from setting and creating building codes, to the delivery of intelligent energy, leading in a home ecosystem connected through a safe and monitored environment, says the release.

I-City will be enabled with strategic development by expanding their property by implementation of technologies by Huawei.

Deployment of an Intelligent home will include crafting an ubiquitous, robust and reliable communications network layer incorporating a cloud based IoT platform acting as the foundation to the structure.

With development in the area of Intelligent Home, smart street lighting, traffic management and smart parking will be added to the Malaysian cities by making additions in the foundation, added the release.

With reports that about 100 billion Internet of Things (IoT) physical connections are likely by 2025 globally, representing a ten-fold increase compared to today, Huawei is gearing up on its IoT investments and launches.

Huawei has announced earlier in the year that it will continue investments in IoT in areas of smart home gateway, IoT gateway, NB-IoT solution, cloud-based IoT connection management platform, and the Huawei LiteOS, a lightweight open source IoT operating system.

Huawei recently announced an investment in Nigeria of over $6 million for its innovation center, focussing on 4.5G, Internet of Things and digital service innovation.

Vina Krishnan
[email protected]